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Water Disinfection System

Price: $6,495.00

Size: 28.5'' x 10.6'' x 16.4''


Water Disinfection System

The Water Disinfection System GO-3 model IMS is a water disinfection system, generating high purity dissolved ozone to be injected into the input water supply for high level disinfection of water and internal components.

Ozone is nature's three-molecular solution for safer, more effective sanitation. Today ozone is used throughout many industries (by companies such as Intel and Coca-Cola) for its powerful disinfection properties, eliminating pesticides, viruses, fungal spores, bacteria, microorganisms and harmful chemicals. Ozone is considered to be significantly safer than chemical disinfectants since it leaves nothing but oxygen as a by-product.

• Patented off-gas destruct unit ensures complete OSHA compliance
• Safe for all skin types, unlike a chemical disinfectant
• Ozone is approved by FDA for direct food contact applications
• Eliminates all known bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoaSource and
• Simple circuit reduces hazards of dangerous blowout

• Ice Makers
• In-storage bin and work surface disinfection
• Supermarkets
• Fish processors
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Cruise ships
• Laboratories
• Water treatment

• Build in flow switch and pressure switch
• No PLC required
• No off-gas
• Replace UV lamp for water disinfection with additional residual

• Tap water is the only required input
• Only O2 released as by-product
• Powerful disinfection eliminates pesticides, viruses, bacteria and chemicals
• Instant and Continuous flow of high concentration Ozonated water
• Instant and Continuous flow of purified, Oxygenated water
• Low voltage DC
• No maintenance required
• Compact and Quiet
• The life remaining of the key parts can be displayed on the panel

Power supply:
• Power Consumption: 120 watts
• AC Input: 200 ~ 240V, 100 ~ 120V, 50/60Hz

Input specifications:
• Input Water: municipal water
• Input Water Pressure: 3.0 ~ 7.0 kg/cm²*
• Input Water Temperature: 5 ~ 30°C
* If the input water pressure is over 8.0 kg/cm², an exterior water regulator is required.

Output specifications:
• Ozonated Water Output Capacity: 180-300 L/hr
• Ozonated Water Output Pressure: 0-1.5 kg/cm2
• Ozonated Water Concentration: =0.3-5ppm
* Test Conditions:
• Input water pressure: 3.5 kg/cm²;
• Input water Temperature: 15°C;
• Ambient Temperature: 20°C;
• Water Quality: = 500µs/cm
* The test results based on operating the ozonated water generator for 30 minutes.

Construction and Dimensions:
• All Stainless Steel body
• WxDxH: 28.50'' x 10.60'' x 16.40'' (720mm x 270mm x 415mm)

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