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Elgin Archxerciser

Price: $42.95

SKU: 005-FED1


Archxerciser solves the problem of many foot pain issues once and for all. Masking your foot's pain with foot supports or heel cushions is not the answer. In many cases you need to strengthen your foot's arch. Archxerciser is produced by Elgin Manufacturing - one of the oldest makers of physical therapy products in the U.S.A. Elgin brings a rehab perspective to the subject of heel & arch pain. Archxerciser's goal is to bring your foot back to the condition it was in before the onset of your pain. a disposable shoe insert designed to only mask your foot's heel or arch pain for a certain time.

Archxerciser provides resistance for several key foot exercises used in clinical rehab of the arch and foot. The Archxerciser brings you sore foot relief by strengthening the foot's musculature, both intrinsic & extrinsic. The Archxerciser treats a variety of common foot ailments including plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome. Archxerciser has a variety of applications. The Archxerciser is also useful for treating the foot & ankle after surgery, it also improves an athlete's and dancer's jumping performance and acts as a preventative aid against sore feet for those who stand for extended periods. Tell your doctor about Archxerciser - The superior way to rid your foot of pain. Made in U.S.A.


"The Archxerciser was utilized in 47 patients as adjunctive therapy in the management of common foot complaints and concerns. Three patients (6%) withdrew from the study due to exacerbation of symptomatology with the exerciser. Of the remaining patients in the study, 85% demonstrated marked reduction in symptomatology utilizing the Archxerciser. 15% of the patients completing the study did not feel the Archxerciser contributed to the reduction of their symptoms. All patients completing the study demonstrated increased extrinsic and intrinsic muscle strength to the foot utilizing the Archxerciser. The measured increase in strength ranged from 38% to 250%. The authors conclude that the Archxerciser represents an excellent adjunctive modality to the treatment of a variety of common foot complaints and concerns as well as in the rehabilitation of patients following common podiatric reconstructive procedures."

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